World Wi-Fi To Bring Free Wi-Fi Internet to Everyone Through Blockchain

It can be a challenge for people to find a Wi-Fi network, what with people having to go through many parties just to get access to one. But with World Wi-Fi, it will be easier for people to get connected to the Wi-Fi network.

World Wi-Fi is a blockchain based platform that entails several steps for making it work. It involves many people getting their routers up and running while advertisers promote their wares through the system. In return, guests can get free decentralized Wi-Fi.

The Basic Concept

The concept of World Wi-Fi entails a few steps:

  1. A series of routers will offer free online access to people. These routers include many privately owned ones. Most are expected to be residential routers.
  2. Guest users will connect onto an open Wi-Fi spot.
  3. Online advertisers will get to the routers and will deliver targeted ads to people who use the Wi-Fi signals. The ads are sent out to people based on many parameters including their locations, social media content and many other factors of note.
  4. A guest user must view a brief ad before getting online for free.
  5. The router owners are paid for their services by the advertisers. The payments are based on the number of actual impressions made on the system.

Benefits To All

The benefits that are offered by the World Wi-Fi setup are ideal for all. Users can get free online access anywhere they go. They can also offer their own routers to the decentralized network to make it easier for them to get people online.

But what makes this also useful is that World Wi-Fi will help advertisers with targeting the right people. Those people are reached by working with numerous parameters while offering a reduced advertising cost. The lack of intermediaries ensures that it will be easier for people to get their content to appear well.

The Main Goal

The goal that World Wi-Fi has is to get around 20 million Wi-Fi routers within the next three to five years. There is a desire to get an annual turnaround of at least $1 billion in that time period as well. World Wi-Fi is expected to gather advertisers from all corners of the world to make the marketing part work. This in turn could result in significant growth in how people can get the funds they want.

The ambitious project is raising funds through a ICO token sale. People who participate in the pre-sale and token sale will get special invitations to retain profits off of the network. This is a big investment, but it may be valuable to those who wish to invest in the blockchain through a distinct setup that is different from what many people expect.

The World Wi-Fi system is listed online at The service is expected to go online throughout the world in the near future. The work from this platform will be interesting for people to see thanks to how useful and intriguing the layout in general will be like.


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